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Pointless workplace meetings are a drain on productivity

A new study has found the number of workplace meetings is rapidly on the rise, taking up increasing amounts of time, reducing productivity and providing little value to employees. The study Collaboration 2.0. Death of the web conference (as we know it) was conducted by market researcher Ovum on behalf of remote access software provider LogMeIn and is based on

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Mobile Evolution – Lifestyle

Three years ago only 20% of IDG Global Solutions’ (IGS) respondents said they own a tablet, today it is 60% already. Today, people have the ability to browse and shop around the globe at the touch of a button. Communication has changed significantly from longer conversations on the phone or in person to an always on, short burst communication via apps or

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Mobile Evolution – The Generations

Millennials vs. Generation X A global content revolution is upon us. These days practically every piece of con- tent we discover, share or engage with comes as a stream of digital information – real-time search results, social media feeds or swathes of rich media ads and advertorial experiences. Nearly all respondents aged 18-34 owned a smartphone and 91% of 18-24

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Mobile Evolution – The Business

Mobile for Business Today, people have the ability to shop around the globe at the touch of a button. They can find out more than ever before about the brand they’re engaging with and whether they have had a positive or disappointing experience, they can share their views with millions of people just like them. Their expectations, whether they are consumers

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Mobile Evolution – The Executive

Back in June IDG Global Solutions released the 5th annual Global Mobile Survey, the biggest ever study of consumer and business use of mobile devices. The survey, conducted among more than 23,500 executives and consumers across 43 countries, focused on four key areas: Mobile Executives: How executives use mobile devices—especially for business Mobile Business: How and when audiences research and purchase products

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YouTube and Edit Your Videos Online

YouTube’s new video editor looks simple and easy to use. It can be found in TestTube, which is a bit like Google Labs, where ideas are tested.  So, it’s in beta but looks great; without installing any software, it allows you to: Combine multiple videos you’ve uploaded to create a new longer video Trim the beginning and/or ending of your

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