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Google Helps Readers Pay For News

Google Contributor is the latest tool the company has designed to help readers pay for what they read online. But its previous experiments in supporting paid content have had limited success, reports Justin Ellis from NiemanLab. The way it works is that each publisher gets the equivalent of the market rate for an ad shaved off their contribution each time

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Dispelling the myths about dismissal for poor performance

Terminating employees for performance based issues can be difficult for employers to navigate at the best of times. An employer’s right to terminate because of poor performance has not been helped by a number of myths that have taken hold in this area. Take for example the “3 strikes and you’re out” rule which many employers follow believing it will protect

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Smarter Marketing with Apps

Widen your audience and increase conversions. Use location-based segmentation and feedback from user analytics to market more efficiently and more effectively. The marketing and advertising industries are at a historical turning point. As media and content delivery becomes more fragmented, audiences are less attainable. Captive audiences are a thing of the past. With traditional marketing strategies failing to engage audiences,

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The Path to Profitable Digital Publishing

Engage and build your audience, while saving time, money, and Panadol with a true multichannel digital publishing platform. Publishers are facing unprecedented competition for readership from websites, blogs, social media, and even other traditional media outlets. At the same time, mainstream, broadcast audiences are fragmenting and niche publications are building a stronger following. Consequently, consumers have come to expect a

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Pointless workplace meetings are a drain on productivity

A new study has found the number of workplace meetings is rapidly on the rise, taking up increasing amounts of time, reducing productivity and providing little value to employees. The study Collaboration 2.0. Death of the web conference (as we know it) was conducted by market researcher Ovum on behalf of remote access software provider LogMeIn and is based on

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