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Internet Trends for 2017 – Mary Meeker

Mary Meeker 2017

A highlight presentation in the tech world, during last year’s Code Conference in Silicon Valley Mary Meeker foretold that that growth of internet businesses is slowing down, and that image sharing and messaging apps are the future. Did she predict the future correctly? Grab a cup of coffee and listen to this year’s presentation. You can also view Mary’s slides in tandem

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Digital news media readership leaps by 9 per cent

Digital readership increase is driven by mobile Digital news media readership is up 9 per cent year-on-year, from 9.9 million to 10.8 million, according to emma data for the 12 months to November 2014, reports the Newspaper Works. This figure represents 61 per cent of the Australian population aged 14 years and older, compared with 57 per cent in the

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Healthcare Professionals Not Stuck in the Stone Age

Large majorities of healthcare professionals use mobile phones, tablets daily. According to an April 2014 study conducted by EPG Health Media, 82% of respondents used a mobile phone for professional reasons at least once a day, and 62% said the same for tablets. Data from Kantar Health also showed impressive mobile usage levels among doctors with 79% of US physicians

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