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Smartphone security is a civil rights issue

This is a thought provoking TED talk by Christopher Soghoian. Your smartphone is a civil rights issue talks about the two operating systems in the global smartphone market: iOS (made by Apple) and Android (made by Google).  From a security standpoint Apple is far more secure – it encrypts all data stored on iPhones by default, and text messages sent from one Apple

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Australia’s Startup Economy

Cloud based tech companies, scalability and disruptive technology. Small, agile startups rushing to innovate and find a gap in the market. It is activity on a scale that has never been seen before. The way the world conducts business is changing rapidly and Australia has an unprecedented opportunity to transition from a resource and primary industry based economy to one

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Fair Work Commission introduces changes to annual leave

A review of annual leave award provisions has resulted in a range of changes, including new capabilities for employers to direct employees to take paid annual leave when the worker is accumulating a excessive amount of leave, writes Guillermo Troncoso for Dynamic Business. Other changes include: employees on an EFT means of payment can be paid in their usual cycle during

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Screening Recruits on Facebook

If social media is a necessary workplace “evil”, then what lies beneath is the often practised, but rarely mentioned, custom of “Facebook stalking”. This involves reviewing the social media postings of potential job candidates, political candidates and, in some instances, relationship candidates. Employment & Industrial Relations Partner Belinda Hapgood of ClarkeKann Lawyers considers the employment law dynamics at play when

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