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BodyinMind was developed by Professor Lorimer Moseley and Digital Publishing Consultant Heidi Allen, as a method to promote better understanding of the clinical pain sciences.  It has one of the greatest web & social media reach in the clinical pain sciences with over 5000 views per week from an global audience. The website includes links to published articles, current projects,

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What do we do?

At BDS we believe in going beyond the ‘Field of Dreams’ approach. We will help you build and link your digital assets together and show you how to drive all this information back to your core business. We will work with you to help build your community of followers and potential clients. Digital Setup and Implementation We will work with

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About Heidi

Setting up a professional digital strategy is not simply a matter of cobbling together some social media, a weblog or an online newsletter. Just as a successful publisher will use a multi-channel approach in marketing their magazine titles, or an ad-agency will utilise multiple mediums to promote their clients products and services, a professional digital strategy requires the same multifaceted

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About Matthew

Matthew is an experienced business owner and CEO, with a track record of success across many industries. During his career as a senior manager Matthew has developed efficient economic and marketing strategies for small businesses, medium sized companies and large non-profit associations. Matthew has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Wollongong University majoring in Management and Legal Studies. His business

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Internet Trends for 2017 – Mary Meeker

Mary Meeker 2017

A highlight presentation in the tech world, during last year’s Code Conference in Silicon Valley Mary Meeker foretold that that growth of internet businesses is slowing down, and that image sharing and messaging apps are the future. Did she predict the future correctly? Grab a cup of coffee and listen to this year’s presentation. You can also view Mary’s slides in tandem

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Smartphone security is a civil rights issue

This is a thought provoking TED talk by Christopher Soghoian. Your smartphone is a civil rights issue talks about the two operating systems in the global smartphone market: iOS (made by Apple) and Android (made by Google).  From a security standpoint Apple is far more secure – it encrypts all data stored on iPhones by default, and text messages sent from one Apple

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