About Matthew

Matthew GreenMatthew is an experienced business owner with a track record of success across many industries. Throughout his career as a senior manager Matthew has provided effective leadership for small businesses, medium-sized companies, international schools and large non-profit associations.

Matthew has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Wollongong University majoring in Management and Legal Studies. Currently he occupies the role of Acting Head of School along with his regular duties as Commercial Director and Business Development for OurPlanet International School, an IB World School in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Matthew is responsible for managing the financial performance of the school as well as all other operational functions including IT, Human Resources, Marketing, Admissions, Facilities and Maintenance. Matthew works closely with the Head of School, the Board of Governours, and the local Omani partner His Highness Sayyid Mohamed Al Said in setting strategic goals for the school and providing advice and counsel for the school’s business operations.

Matthew is also heavily involved with the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) and the wider school community helping with fund-raising ideas that have provided equipment and resources for the school.

Matthew has always had a strong interest in education and in 2015 he began a voluntary internship at Vientiane International School where he assisted in the teaching of business studies to students in the IB Diploma Program and helped build the school website. To fund his internship Matthew worked part-time as the Digital Strategy Manager for Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA), an independent non-profit research institute focusing on the brain and nervous system.


  • Construction of the Primary School Building, football pitch, undercover play area and play gym.
  • Renovation of the Senior Primary and Middle Years Program building to include five new classrooms and a state-of-the-art science laboratory.
  • Member of the Senior Leadership Team and advisor to His Highness Sayyid Mohamed Al-Said on school financial matters.
  • Creation of a transparent set of salary scales for the recruitment and employment of international staff.
  • Formation of the Parents & Friends Association of OurPlanet.
  • Implementation of new IT systems incorporating biometric thumbprint scanners for staff attendance.
  • Introduction and integration of ManageBac to improve student attendance management and reporting.
  • Introduction and integration of OpenApply to assist in the Admissions process.
  • Preparation and delivery of school budgets for the last two years.
  • Preparation and delivery of financial models for two new schools to be built in the Sultanate of Oman over the next two years.
  • Implemented catering facilities for the students and staff.


  • Developing, implementing and reviewing innovative and effective business strategies and strategic partnerships locally and internationally.
  • Networking and the ability to present, communicate and advocate at Board level.
  • The ability to cultivate healthy relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Producing meaningful budgets and accurate financial reports.
  • Change management and enhancing organisational culture.
  • Mentoring and managing staff to ensure their personal goals are being met.
  • Being the public face of the school.

Leadership Style:
Matthew’s philosophy behind leadership is simple – Lead by Example.  He will never ask my staff to do anything that he is not prepared to do and he never expects them to work longer hours than he does. Matthew encourages his staff to be creative and to share their ideas, which in turn engenders respect and provides for a happier work environment. Matthew believes in equity when it comes to contractual negotiations and he always make time to listen to staff concerns. Change is managed fairly and feedback is always provided when a request is denied. Matthew is an honest, self-motivated person who brings a positive culture wherever he goes.

Matthew is ethical and professional in all aspects of his life. He has extensive experience in managing a large and diverse consumer base with vastly differing needs, and an innate ability to develop strong relationships with key stakeholders and vendors. Matthew is a highly motivated and articulate leader with financial management competency, a strategic marketing mind and the capacity to communicate at Board level.

Contact Matthew here

More about Matthew at Matt’s notes: All the stuff that’s fit to print and then some

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