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At BDS we believe in going beyond the ‘Field of Dreams’ approach. We will help you build and link your digital assets together and show you how to drive all this information back to your core business whether that be in Education, Health or Publishing.

Current Project – OurPlanet International School

BDS began working with OurPlanet International School in April 2016. After conducting an extensive examination of the existing procedures and platforms used by the school we recommended the implementation of the ManageBac platform to assist with student management and reporting. Having a centralised system for curriculum management, reporting and attendance has provided many benefits to the school admin department and allowed for better collaboration amongst the teaching staff.

We also recommended installing OpenApply to manage admissions and enrollments, and then worked with the supplier, Faria Systems, to sync ManageBac and OpenApply. During our first year with OpenApply, Heidi successfully used the platform to enroll almost 100 new students.

Following a small website rebuild last year we have since begun making better use of the existing social media platforms, focusing on developing a new YouTube channel and feeding both our blog and Facebook page with regular updates and news items. This activity keeps us in touch with local Omani families looking for an international education as well as expatriates who are on the move to Oman. With the recent employment of a marketing intern we have begun strengthening our Instagram and Twitter feeds, and we hope to get more involved with LinkedIn as time progresses.

We have created sound financial models to help the school manage its growth path towards the establishment of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Program (MYP) scheduled to begin in September 2019 and we have managed an ongoing expansion project that you can read about here. We have streamlined the HR processes to ensure that the staff at school are looked after during mobilisation, contract period and repatriation and we are currently working on a new IT initiative including Google Chromebooks as a viable alternative for education.

Previous Projects – Vientiane International School & Neuroscience Research Australia

During the course of 2015 Matthew undertook a voluntary position at Vientiane International School where he assisted in the teaching of Business Studies to the diploma students. During that time Heidi worked with the senior leadership team within the school to develop their new website on the Finalsite platform.

To partially fund their time in Vientiane, Matthew and Heidi managed a contract at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) an independent non-profit research institute focusing on the brain and nervous system. The contract at NeuRA included the following responsibilities:

  • Senior members of the Web Redevelopment Project team, a twelve-month project to create and implement a multisite WordPress installation involving many different internal and external stakeholders.
  • Social Media Project Management. This role incorporates the development of various social media platforms for the different health groups within the institution as well as creating content for these platforms.
  • Maintenance and upgrading of NeuRA’s AdWords program from a US$10,000 per month spend to a fully-fledged GrantsPro Program with a US$40,000 spend.
  • Managing, monitoring and reporting on NeuRA’s Google Analytics configuration.
  • Wikipedia Project Management where BDS was directly responsible for the publication of Wikipedia pages for senior researchers of the institute, which requires content to be created and facts to be checked.
  • Growing NeuRA’s digital user base (social media and electronic direct mail) from 8,105 members as at June 2014 to 16,909 members as at June 30, 2015, exceeding the target set by the Board.
  • Growing NeuRA’s website traffic from 193,010 views as at June 2014 to 288,104 views as at June 30, 2015, once again exceeding the target set by the Board.
  • Marketing key NeuRA initiatives such as the Big Run from Canberra to Sydney, raising funds for research.

Digital Setup and Implementation

Like OurPlanet, we will work with you to integrate your digital strategy into your current business plan and help build your community of followers and potential clients whether they be businesses, individuals or families.

We provide workshops and staff training on:

  • Setting up a digital strategy, the basics
  • Engage, and grow your network
  • Advanced digital and social media strategies

Contact us now to discuss your digital strategy needs.

Meet the Team

About Heidi

Heidi has over 20 years experience in publishing and health industries, working internationally in the UK and Australia with major corporates. Read more…

About Matthew

Matthew is an experienced business owner and CEO, with a track record of success across many industries. Read more….

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