About Matthew

Matthew Green

Matthew is an experienced business owner and CEO, with a track record of success across many industries. During his career as a senior manager Matthew has developed efficient economic and marketing strategies for small businesses, medium sized companies and large non-profit associations.

Matthew has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Wollongong University majoring in Management and Legal Studies. His business acumen and ability to dissect and understand large amounts of data, has enabled Matthew to manage several companies, including his own, through periods of rapid economic growth. Matthew’s digital and traditional marketing expertise enabled him to turn a small graphic arts supply company into an industry recognised provider of software, support and IT solutions specialising in the publishing industry.

Matthew was successful in obtaining his recent position as General Manager of Publishers Australia because of his experience in managing a large and diverse client base with vastly differing needs, as well as his ability to develop strong relationships with key stakeholders and vendors. In this role Matthew has been responsible for the day-to-day operations of a non-profit organisation with a large membership base. His responsibilities include:

  • Developing strategic and operational plans to attract and retain business,
  • Providing high-level advice to the Board of Directors on planning, finances, marketing, staffing, IT etc.
  • Economic management (budgeting, cash flow, fundraising and sponsorship generation.)
  • Marketing: digital and social

Matthew has organised and hosted conferences, events and seminars across Australia, introducing key international vendors to local business, whilst managing contracts and vendor expectations along the way. For the last two years Matthew has been the face of the Association, frequently representing the Board and their members at seminars and events. Matthew utilised their social media channels and digital newsletter to drive business to their website, which in turn has increased memberships and provided value-add for their sponsors. All of Matthew’s projects have involved fundraising activities and all of Matthew’s projects have returned a profit.

Matthew’s network of contacts includes CEOs and Managing Directors, many of whom he has worked with at Board level.

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