About Heidi

HeidiProfileCroppedSetting up a professional digital strategy is not simply a matter of cobbling together some social media, a weblog or an online newsletter. Just as a successful publisher will use a multi-channel approach in marketing their magazine titles, or an ad-agency will utilise multiple mediums to promote their clients products and services, a professional digital strategy requires the same multifaceted approach.

1. Professional website visibility

  • Providing the right information for your audience in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

2. Social online visibility

  • Gaining the maximum benefit from your digital strategy by linking your social media sites together and driving traffic to your business.

3. Listing on Professional sites

  • Gain exposure for yourself and traction for your business by posting, commenting and interacting on other sites that are relevant to your area

4. Listing on Social sites

  • Build up a community of followers on key social sites.

Questions I have been asked

  • What’s the professional angle for social networking?
  • I’d rather get lobotomised than use twitter (do I really have to use Facebook?)
  • Seriously how do people get any real work done?
  • I’ve got nothing to say and no time to say it.
  • Writing online? How?
  • Connecting online? How?
  • Is it really going to make a difference? *

Some of the companies I have worked with



My background

Over 25 years experience in publishing and health industries, working internationally in the UK and Australia.

My interests are two-fold and this site reflects them both – publishing and health.  The blog is a repository of information for me to refer to while I’m working.  I’m interested in the changes to publishing within the health field and this also includes how clinicians can now connect online, publish and learn.  This is also the area I work in.

Day to day I run BodyInMind.org, a clinical site focused on pain research, and the digital strategy for Neuroscience Research Australia.

My other work is helping health care professionals with their own practice get online and use some of the social media tools professionally, right from basics.  If that’s you, then you might find some of my presentations or services of use. Full CV on LinkedIn

What I do

  • Developing digital strategies using professional sites and social media to increase online visibility
  • Consulting and coaching
  • Presentations and workshops

Where I am on the interweb

For more information contact me here.