Internet Trends for 2017 – Mary Meeker

A highlight presentation in the tech world, during last year’s Code Conference in Silicon Valley Mary Meeker foretold that that growth of internet businesses is slowing down, and that image sharing and messaging apps are the future. Did she predict the future correctly?

Grab a cup of coffee and listen to this year’s presentation. You can also view Mary’s slides in tandem below.

Analysis from Recode gives a detailed overview but here are some of the takeaways:

  • “The value of a business is the value of future cash flows” – e.g. Amazon who for years made no money.
  • After being in decline subscription revenue from recording music now making a profit (Spotify)
  • Subscription revenue from video streaming now making a profit (Netflicks).  While TV viewing is declining Netflix has grown from 0 to over 30% percent.

There was a lot of analysis of the Chinese and Indian markets and it’s worth watching right at the end for future predictions of where the US economy is heading.

Included in the slides, but not presented, is a comprehensive section on healthcare.  Google is leading the pack for consumers willing to share their health information – positioning them well for for future tech developments – and digitisation is enabling new business models in genomics for more empowered and informed consumers.