NeuRA’s Website is now LIVE!

We are very pleased to announce that Neuroscience Research Australia’s (NeuRA) new website is now live. The new look is not only to showcase NeuRA’s top-level researchers and facilities but also to provide up-to-date information on what is known about certain neurological diseases such as Dementia or mental health disorders (check out ‘Your Health‘ for all the conditions covered). It also provides information on current research projects and their progress.

We worked with the digital team at NeuRA on their new site and are delighted to see it up and running.


NeuRA old website front page


NeuRA new website front page

Congrats to all!


  • Hi Heidi – thanks for your enthusiastic comments. The team are very pleased the site is now up and running. Thanks for helping to make it all happen! Just joined NeuRA in the digital role here and enjoying it a lot. Cheers Helen

    • Hi Helen. Thanks for your comment. We really enjoyed our time at NeuRA and seeing the web project come to fruition is a wonderful feeling. We hope you have as much fun there as we did 😊