An Insight Into WordPress

A new tool from WordPress called Insights will tell you the best (or worst) time of day to publish your articles.

“Today we’re introducing a new view of your stats. Insights give you instant access to your all-time numbers, including posts, views, and visitors. Dig deeper into your stats to make the most of your site.”

Insights collates the data from your WordPress account, such as frequency of posts, time and day, and comments / interactions, and tells you the most opportune time to spread your message. There is also a visualisation of your posting trends at the top of the Insights page where you can quickly determine how many posts you publish and when they go out.


All the old stats you are used to are still there. WordPress have simply moved the Comments, Followers, Tags & Categories, and Publicize sections to the Insights page and you can still view the other modules by day, week, month or year.

Insights is a particularly useful tool for WordPress users who are after extra page views.