Memories are made of…Facebook.

“People often look back at old photos and other memories they’ve shared on Facebook, and many have told us that they enjoy products and features that make this easier” – Jonathan Gheller, Product Manager.

On this day mobileSeveral years ago, circa 2010, Facebook began product testing on a new feature that would eventually come to be known as ‘On This Day‘. The concept was to allow the user to review content they had shared in the past on that specific day including posts they were tagged in, status updates, photos etc.

The On This Day page would be private meaning the user would be able to delete, reminisce and even share their past with their friends. Facebook also assured its users that painful memories of past loved ones, deceased relatives and failed relationships, would not automatically surface to the top of the On This Day newsfeed however they may still appear if you open the ‘On This Day‘ page within the desktop version.

On This Day began rolling out to users in March and is located within your ‘APPS’ section of your Facebook page. If you haven’t received an invitation to turn on notifications you can set it up from there and start reliving all those faded memories, bad haircuts, incredible menus and forgettable family gatherings 😉

On This Day is not revolutionary, nor is it the first of its kind. Applications like Timehop have been providing digital time capsules for quite a while, and they go beyond just your Facebook content. However, On This Day is a free service sitting inside your Facebook account so why not switch it on and have a play.

“What we realized is that consuming memories from the past and resharing them rewires our relationships…it really reconnects me in a profound and beautiful way.” – Jonathan Gheller.