Changes to Newsstand for iPhone

Apple’s App Store team makes changes to Newsstand for iPhone, but it’s not good news according to D B Hebbard at news media website, Talking New Media.

Unfortunately, the changes make the iPhone side
of the Newsstand more like the iPad side – with
less ways to find a title, and with far less
promotion of digital publications.

The Apple Newsstand has finally seen some changes this month, but publishers are not exactly going to be thrilled with what they see as Apple’s App Store team have seemingly gone out of their way to make the digital newsstand even harder to use.

For the past 18 months or so, the Apple App Store team has failed to maintain the categories inside the Newsstand and have made a few changes designed to limit the number of newspaper and magazine titles promoted. Sales, not surprisingly, have plummeted.

Last week Apple made another change to the Newsstand which will hurt publishers.

Inside the iPhone Newsstand, at least until last week, one could still search for publications by release date by tapping on the “All” apps choice found at the bottom of the iPhone Newsstand home page. This would pull up all titles based on either its release date or by sales. Apple has now eliminated this, just as they did for the iPad many months ago.

Is it possible that the changes to the Newsstand are a deliberate attempt to kill it off?

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