launches on Snapchat is the first Australian media outlet to launch on Snapchat’s news tool Discover, targeting a young audience with curated news stories tailored for mobile, reports Eliza Goetze from The Newspaper Works.

Snapchat is one of the most popular mobile apps among 18- to 34-year-olds, reaching more than 100 million active users every month.

The Discover tool launched in January with brands including CNN, Daily Mail, Yahoo! and Vice.

Snapchat-Discover-homescreenDescribed as a “full-screen, creative canvas for storytelling”, Discover allows users to swipe through five to 10 stories curated by the editorial team, each headed by a top snap from which readers can scroll down to read the full text , then swipe across to the next story as well as animated photos. The content arrives in daily editions. general manager Julian Delany said that Discover would not drive viewers directly to the desktop and mobile websites, but would be a useful tool in bolstering awareness of the outlet.

“Snapchat is a very visual platform, so’s Discover content will be presented in this way,” said Delany. “Upfront, this is a brand play for It’s not core to our m-site or our desktop. This is a way in which we can connect to a younger audience and a new way for our content to be displayed.”

Editorial direction has so far taken a lean towards quirky, funny and pop culture-centred stories with which the young audience will engage and share, but is looking to the longer term.

“If you can introduce a new audience to your content as they grow and mature as a news consumer, you’ve more of a chance to get them to switch to in their next stage of life,” Mr Delaney said.

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