Keep Calm And Pin It

Pinterest is probably the most interesting platform around at the moment, balancing its need to monetise while not getting its fan base offside.

As we launch into 2015 here’s how things stand at Pinterest, according to the team at Social Media Knowledge.

Keep calm and Pin It

Pinterest remains one of most gender imbalanced platforms. Over its 70 million users, 80% are female.

In the US it’s estimated 20% of women use Pinterest, ahead of 5% of men. Half of Pinterest users have children.


The average Pinterest user has 67 followers, uploads 158 pins and is aged 25 – 34 years old.

Pinners are a fairly well-heeled bunch too. Almost 30% of Pinterest users earn over US$100,000 annually.

Time sucker

Pinterest attracts eyeballs for longer than most of its rivals. The average user spends 15.8 minutes per visit on Pinterest.

This is behind YouTube (16.4 minutes) but ahead of Facebook (12.1 minutes) and Twitter (3.3 minutes).

Referral leader

Pinterest isn’t just for pretty things. It’s increasingly a playground for brands.

Pinterest leads YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ when it comes to referral traffic.