The Anti-AntiSocial Game

“Everyone’s got that friend who, in lieu of being polite, sits head-down thumbing through his phone while you try to talk to him. Now, thanks to San Francisco based interactive ad agency Traction, there’s an app that might just make your friend less, well, douchey” writes Matt Van Hoven for Digiday.

The social game where
the only way to win is
to not play (with your phone).

The app is called MOB and it is brilliant in its simplicity. The user invites friends for a game, then gives everyone 15 seconds to lock their phones. The first person to unlock his/her phone loses.

“Players can set the length of the game, say 30 minutes, and determine the penalty, like loser buys the next round of drinks,” continues Matt.

Traction CEO Adam Kleinberg believes that the app’s potential goes far beyond just gaming and shaming, too. “We aren’t committed to any particular roadmap at this point, but I could totally see a business version where people get ‘outed’ for checking their phones in a meeting,” said Kleinberg. “That behavior is so prevalent.”

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