Effective Health Engagement

Cut through noise and communicate more effectively with all Health Care Professionals (HCPs) via an integrated communications channel available on all devices.

LS_BlogHealth Care Professionals (HCPs) work in a very noisy communication environment. Key messaging is often lost within a host of documents and messages that compete for attention on a daily basis. Consequently, it is increasingly difficult to reach and engage these professionals and other industry stakeholders with key messaging critical to any individual business or organisation. HCPs also now expect all communication to be targeted and personalised while at the same time being able to engage at any time of the day, on a variety of devices and in a variety of forms.

Key challenges for communicators

The key challenges for organisations striving to build and maintain a trusted communications channel with HCPs are:
• Being heard above the noise. Be the first place HCPs look for trusted new content, or updated information, in areas that interest them. To concentrate the communication focus by providing a single touch point for all communication streams including documents, videos, notifications, social media, surveys, newsletters, and blog posts.
• Communicating in the many forms expected. HCPs are increasingly demanding access to communications in a variety of forms (print, phone, tablet, desktop) and also in a range of circumstances (off and online).
• Personalising communications. Time poor HCPs expect communication to be personalised based on their role, location, and interests. They are increasingly disengaged when confronted with broadcast style communication.
• Funding a multi channel communications strategy. Delivering multi channel communications to HCPs can be a costly exercise with diminishing rates of return if production workflows require constant reworking and reconfiguring of content to ensure delivery to all forms: print, phone, tablet and desktop.

“Great to see that their business is so highly regarded and recognised already by some high profile clients.” – Cliff Rosenberg, Managing Director, LinkedIn South-East Asia, Australia & New Zealand.

MobileHealthThe current ‘state of play’

The Pharmaceutical industry understands the importance of ensuring you own the communications channel to HCPs and recently commissioned a study EPG Health Media in the UK.

One of the key findings was “79% of US physicians polled reported using smartphones for professional purposes in March 2014, and 51% used tablets”.

This is in addition to accessing communications in the more traditional forms of print and computer desktop.

You can get a copy of the report at: http://www.epghealthmedia.com/industry-reports/digital-demand-versus-supply/

Integrated communications with Beyond Digital Strategy and Liquid State

With our platform powering your communications you will be able to:
Deliver true multichannel communications. Build a single point of contact for HCPs which combines all your content streams into an integrated communications app with optimised accessibility on phone, tablet and desktop.
Reduce production costs and increase content reach. Easily bring together existing content streams with little or no reworking including content initially designed for print such as white papers, brochures, and newsletters, as well as digital content in the form of blogs, video channels, notifications, and social media feeds.
Engage more effectively with personalised content. Deliver documents and messaging to all app users, a subset of users, as well as individuals based on profile, location, interests, and actions.
Craft more targeted communications. Surround your communications with advanced analytics to build understanding about the way documents are engaged with and consumed. Employ this new understanding to craft ongoing communications to better meet the preferences and consumption patterns of your HCP audience.


Example health use cases

Reuse existing communications content without reworking. Existing print-based collateral, blogs from the company website and HTML newsletters are all incorporated into a single integrated app without having to rework the original content.
Document versioning and engagement auditing. Notify staff of key changes to critical procedure documentation and track staff engagement with different versions of the documents for auditing purposes.
Data driven targeted communications. Identify interest trends of specific HCP cohorts based on their search and engagement metrics and use this information to make editorial decisions topics for the weekly newsletter.

Funding an integrated communications strategy

Implementing an integrated communications strategy using the Liquid State platform will provide the ability to:
• Market more effectively with a growing understanding of client/staff content consumption habits, individual preferences and engagement patterning
• Turn your communications campaigns from a marketing expense into a revenue driver by providing an entry point for your sales funnel for qualified prospects
• Develop data-driven targeting of business development and sales efforts in a more effective manner.

To start engaging Health Care Professionals with an integrated communications solution, contact us today.