Smarter Marketing with Apps

Widen your audience and increase conversions. Use location-based segmentation and feedback from user analytics to market more efficiently and more effectively.

LS_BlogThe marketing and advertising industries are at a historical turning point. As media and content delivery becomes more fragmented, audiences are less attainable. Captive audiences are a thing of the past. With traditional marketing strategies failing to engage audiences, and traditional revenue streams dwindling, many companies are looking for solutions in digital strategies. Digital marketing campaigns have the potential to reach a range of audiences, from the general public to niche markets. However, not all digital marketing strategies are created equal.

The Key Challenges for Marketing and Advertising Teams

The key challenges for marketing and advertising teams include:
Staying ahead of the pack. Competition has never been so prevalent. The distinction between local and global business is increasingly blurred, just like the distinction between small, medium, and big businesses. This means more competition, and less room for ineffective marketing and advertising.
Turning consumers in to social media advocates. Social media can be an enormously influential tool, as consumers are mostly influenced by the recommendations of their peers. Many companies are desperate to harness the power of digital grassroots marketing, but don’t know how to tap in to this powerful phenomenon.
Reaching niche markets. Consumers have more choice than ever before. As a result, niche target markets dominate many industries. Consumers expect brands to match their increasingly specific needs, so marketing needs to be targeted at the individual or sub-group level. Broad, generic campaigns are no longer satisfactory.
Knowing what works and what doesn’t. Today’s advertisers and marketers can’t simply rely on suave pitches and creative flair. Instead, they must be able to meaningfully evaluate their campaigns in order to prove that they are providing significant value.
Creating flexible, responsive campaigns. Even with evaluation tools in place, marketing and advertising teams need to respond to trends in consumer interaction. Responsive, malleable campaigns can incorporate user feedback to ensure success, where static campaigns would otherwise fail.

“A clean, concise story of how entrepreneurship and societal advancement can happen by applying modern technology.” Steve Wozniak, Co-founder, Apple

The current ‘state of play’

In 2012, Apple experienced 75% YoY growth of sales on Mobile, vs. 6% on desktop. Clearly, consumers are using mobile to make purchases. Combining segmented messaging and niche marketing with this trend is a great way to convert marketing and advertising to sales.

Yet only 16% of companies using mobile marketing have advanced analytics. A vast majority of companies using mobile marketing aren’t harnessing the incredible insight provided by actionable analytics. Implementing round trip analytics will keep your marketing and advertising campaigns ahead of the pack.

Marketing and advertising with the Liquid State publishing system from BDS

Using Liquid State to create apps for your marketing and advertising means:

• The latest content delivery technology. Deliver your marketing and advertising content in a cutting edge format. Achieve greater levels of engagement by using apps instead of mobile websites. Produce new content without extensive technical expertise – simply design, upload, and distribute.
• Harnessing the power of digital grassroots marketing. As social media continues to dominate the digital realm, consumers are becoming the most important advocates. Empower your campaigns to flourish through grassroots support by employing a baked-in social media strategy.
• Location-based targeted marketing and advertising. Use geolocation data to segment users by location. Use location-based segments to target users in relevant locations. According to MDG Advertising, 72% of consumers will respond to calls-to-action in marketing messages they receive within sight of the retailer.
• Roundtrip analytics for campaign evaluation. Get invaluable insight into how users are interacting with your communications. Use analytics to build your knowledge of the content and interactivity that users are engaged with. Prove your campaigns are achieving results with statistical backing.
• Responsive, tailored content. Tweak and update your content at any time, then publish changes seamlessly. Capitalise on user trends as they occur. Forget about costly re-runs for content corrections – simply update your app with no additional cost.

Example Marketing and advertising use cases

Reduce steps from marketing to sales. Don’t rely on users to proactively follow lengthy processes to generate marketing leads – link directly from interactive marketing and advertising content to your web sales funnel.

Reuse existing print and digital content. Simply convert your existing print materials into an app, or easily rework your existing content with added rich functionality.

Use a collaborative dashboard to increase productivity. Streamline your team’s workflow by utilising notes and tasks within one collaborative environment.

Funding a digital marketing and advertising strategy

Building apps with Liquid State will allow you to:

• Save money by avoiding wasted overheads. Use analytics data to optimise your campaigns and ensure maximum effectiveness.
• Increase sales with niche, location-based campaigns. Target consumers based on their ability to access products and services
• Let your user base do the marketing for you. Extend your reach by harnessing the power of baked-in social networking.

To learn more about the ground-breaking solution from the Liquid State publishing simply contact us.