The Path to Profitable Digital Publishing

Engage and build your audience, while saving time, money, and Panadol with a true multichannel digital publishing platform.

LS_BlogPublishers are facing unprecedented competition for readership from websites, blogs, social media, and even other traditional media outlets. At the same time, mainstream, broadcast audiences are fragmenting and niche publications are building a stronger following. Consequently, consumers have come to expect a personalised experience from the publications they read, connected across tablet, phone, desktop, and the web. This new digital landscape provides immense opportunity for publishers to engage their readers and grow their audience. However, taking advantage of this opportunity has not been easy.

The Key Challenges for Publishers.

The key challenges for publishers and brands striving to engage and grow their audience include:
Reducing the cost and complexity of multichannel publishing. Popular digital publishing tools are simply not suited for multichannel publishing. They drain time and resources by requiring content and layouts to be reworked to suit different platforms. True multichannel publishing takes content from a single source, making it readily available across phone, tablet, desktop, web, print, and other platforms.
Measuring reader interest and engagement. Digital provides never before seen opportunities for gathering detailed reader feedback. Using audience analytics, understanding which articles draw the most attention is no longer a dream – it is an essential part of a publishing strategy.
Personalising content. Readers expect communication to be personalised based on their profile, location, and interests and are quickly disengaged when confronted with broadcast style communication. Acting on reader insights is the only way to meet this emerging challenge.
Rising above the noise. Readers are accustomed to seeking out content they want at the touch of a button. Publications and brands can be the first place their readers look for high quality new content, or the latest information in areas that interest them.
Engaging the widest possible audience. Increasingly, readers are demanding a seamless, coherent experience from publications and brands. They expect access to content across a variety of platforms – print, phone, tablet, and desktop; and in situations that don’t come with an internet connection.

The current ‘state of play’

apps_v_webAs readers increasingly use tablets and phones as their primary channel for consuming information, it has become more important to understand how they use these devices. It is well documented that people spend the majority of their time on tablets and phones using apps, not browsing websites. In 2014, Nielsen found US consumers spent 89% of their device time inside apps, compared to just 11% on websites. Recent data from Adobe also show that people spend 3 to 4 times longer engaging with an app in an average session, than they do on an average web visit.
It is easy to see why nearly 60% of publishers, marketers, and communicators say multichannel publishing is top of their agenda for the future.

“Create Once, Distribute Everywhere’ is the Holy Grail of digital publishing, but until Liquid State created its unique technology, it was more of an ambition than a reality.” Maja Thomas, Principal, MCT Consulting

The Multichannel Publishing Holy Grail

apps_v_web001• Create true multichannel publications from a single source and delight your readers with a beautiful digital publication.
• Display your content perfectly across phone, tablet and desktop without reworking.
• Use world class audience analytics to drive editorial decisions and build an ongoing relationship with every reader.
• Increase reader engagement and reach the widest audience.
• Keep readers coming back with personalised content.
• Lower your total cost of production with a Create Once Deliver Everywhere (CODE) approach and stop wasting money reworking content to suit different screens, platforms, and devices.
• Publish shareable content that drives sales.
• Monetise your back catalogue.

All of these features, and many more, are available now with the Liquid State publishing solution from Beyond Digital Strategy. So contact us now to discuss your requirements.