Future of Digital – An AIMIA Event

Digital has long since moved from a one-dimensional question of mobile or social or video, it’s now engrained deep within all organisations’ operation, affecting everything from staffing to strategy. Some companies are pioneering, some are following but many are failing.

It’s no longer about just being digital
it’s about being good at digital

With the relentless march of technological innovation shifting digital from the future of brands, retail, publishing and enterprise, to now dictating its very operation and fundamentally changing its commercial decisions, understanding the direction digital is moving and where the opportunities lie is now more important than ever.

AIMIA’s flagship event will discuss and debate where digital will move and how businesses will adapt to its demands, challenges and opportunities.

From consumer journeys and purchasing behaviour, to digital touch points, UX and securing brand loyalty.

From disruptive technology, wearables and the proliferation of digital touch points to the mobilisation of content, personalisation and the path to purchase.

How brands, agencies, publishers and broadcasters adapt and develop their digital strategy will be fundamental to their successes in 2015 and beyond.

Key topics this year include:
The Next Generation of Consumer and Commercial Interaction
The changing face of consumer journeys, brand relationships and digital interaction. Discovering the next generation of UX, brand loyalty and successfully monetising your digital footprint.
The Influence of Digital Disruption
How disruptive technology, wearables and the proliferation of digital touch points is affecting all industries and how are various industries and verticals embracing digital as part of the wider strategy, what about Healthcare, Mining and Retail?
Mobile 3.0
How is the mobilisation of content, video and interaction affecting digital. Will the mobile wallet finally take-off; will “Absolute Personalisation” ever become a reality?

Results from the 10th Annual Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index Report will be released at the event.

The NSW event will be held on the 4th December and the VIC event will be held on the 11th December. Click here to register