Search Takes in Majority of Mobile Ad Spend in Australia

Tablets account for almost half of mobile ad revenues in the country – source eMarketer Daily

AdSpendNearly half of mobile ad revenues in Australia come from ads served to tablets, according to Q2 2014 research from the Interactive Advertising Bureau Australia and PricewaterhouseCoopers. That quarter, 46% of the AUD190 million ($182.69 million) Australian advertisers spent on mobile ads were devoted to tablet users.

Most mobile ad spending across smartphones and tablets combined went to search: 58%, according to the study. The remaining 42% of mobile dollars were spent on display ads.

Adspend ComparisonThe firms revealed that spending on mobile ads in Australia has been skyrocketing. Outlays in the 12 months before June 30, 2014, were more than four times as high as for the previous yearlong period. And that was after spending nearly tripled in the 12 months prior to H2 2013.

eMarketer expects mobile internet advertising spending in Australia to reach nearly $1 billion this year. That puts Australia in third place in Asia-Pacific mobile ad spending, after China and Japan, which will each boast well over $2 billion in mobile ad outlays this year. By 2017, eMarketer expects Australian advertisers to spend nearly $3.16 billion on mobile display and search ads.