Mobile Evolution – Lifestyle

Three years ago only 20% of IDG Global Solutions’ (IGS) respondents said they own a tablet, today it is 60% already. Today, people have the ability to browse and shop around the globe at the touch of a button. Communication has changed significantly from longer conversations on the phone or in person to an always on, short burst communication via apps or website plugins such as Disqus.

The majority of Global Mobile Survey respondents in 2014 are multitasking: 61% use another device at the same times as their tablet and 58% use another device at the same time as their smartphone. In both cases the majority of activity on these devices is unrelated.

As IDG Global solutions 2014 mobile research survey continues to demonstrate, business is bleeding into our lives, as research is not bound to the office. View the infographic below on how mobile is disruptive – affecting how we live, shop, do business and consume media.

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