Mobile Evolution – The Business

Mobile for Business

Today, people have the ability to shop around the globe at the touch of a button. They can find out more than ever before about the brand they’re engaging with and whether they have had a positive or disappointing experience, they can share their views with millions of people just like them. Their expectations, whether they are consumers or business customers, are soaring; the power is firmly in their hands. Literally.

As IDG Global solutions 2014 mobile research survey continues to demonstrate, business is bleeding into our lives, as research is not bound to the office. Mobile is disruptive – affecting how we live, shop, do business and consume media.

Tablet ownership has exploded among survey respondents rising from 20% in 2011 to 61% in 2014. In Latin America, 41% of respondents said their tablet had replaced their laptop computer with 59% reporting using their tablet device to purchase IT products for their business, the highest percentage of all regions surveyed. Software and computer accessories were the IT products most frequently purchased for business across all regions, reflecting significant opportunity for IT companies willing to invest in mobile commerce innovations such as shoppable video.

See the infographic on how smartphones and tablets are changing the way people consume media, shop, interact. You can read yesterday’s post on the IDG Global Mobile Survey here.