Magazines drive action in the market

On average, 95%* of readers said they use magazines to find information about the things that interest them or to learn something new. 87%** saw products in their magazines that interested them or that they wanted to buy and more than 7 out of 10*** readers say that they are inspired to do something after reading.

The new engagement metric confirms
magazines drive action in the market.

The new engagement metric by Australia’s cross platform audience insights survey emma™ (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) was launched on June 23rd and is the world’s largest and most comprehensive study of print engagement with more than 20,000 respondents.

The engagement metric will provide reach and an Engagement Quotient (EQ), which will demonstrate the strengths of each magazine, regardless of readership size.

Mary Ann Azer, Executive Director of MPA said: “We are delighted with the emma™ study. What stands out is the level of action taken by readers once they read a magazine. We have a net action score of 88% averaged across all magazines, which is outstanding. This confirms that magazines have their place in the marketing mix and that they drive consumers to action. Consumers engage with magazines because they are seeking to be entertained, informed or inspired. They trust magazines and see them as cultural beacons and an authority.”

*Average across all magazines for the Motivation quadrant ‘Discover’
**Average across all magazines for the Action quadrant ‘Consider’
***Average across all magazines for the Connection quadrant ‘Inspired’