emma’s new media metrics

Australia’s  cross  platform  audience  insights  survey  emma™  (Enhanced  Media Metrics Australia) announced on Monday 23rd June, a new engagement metric designed to demonstrate a reader’s unique relationship with printed newspapers and magazines.

“The emma engagement metric represents
global best practice at work.

The engagement metric will measure 189 publications, including newspapers, magazines and newspaper inserted magazines.

emma has undertaken the world’s largest and most comprehensive study of print engagement with more than 20,000 respondents, drawn from the emma audience insights survey, asked about their relationship with publications.

Ipsos MediaCT and The Readership Works have developed five ‘Axes of engagement’*, to measure reader engagement via emma. They are:engagement-logo

1.   source of copy;

2.   loyalty (frequency of reading);

3.   motivation for reading the title;

4.   connection with the title and

5.   actions taken as a result of reading the title.

Now emma subscribers can analyse titles by individual quadrants within each of the five ‘Axes of Engagement’, using  an ‘Engagement Quotient’ (EQ). The EQ is a numerical representation that demonstrates the strengths and unique ‘engagement footprint’ of a publication regardless of its audience size.

“The publishing and media community has known for many years that their publications engage with consumers in  a stronger and more lasting way that is unique in respect to other media channels,” The Readership Works General Manager Mal Dale said.

“We go beyond standard audience measurements to provide a metric that quantifies newspapers and magazines’ deep engagement with their readers.

“The engagement metric was developed in close consultation with the Media Federation of Australia and Magazine Publishers Australia. Agencies and advertisers can now truly understand the potential of print to deliver messages in a relevant environment and capitalise on that engaged relationship between readers and titles to strengthen consumer sentiment towards brands.”

Ipsos MediaCT Managing Director Simon Wake said: “The emma engagement metric represents global best practice at work. The innovative and rigorous methodology used was developed after extensive testing and the end result is the largest study of print engagement ever undertaken.”

Other emma innovations to date include:

  • the fusion of Nielsen Online Ratings data with the emma survey;
  • Australia’s largest database of regional and community newspaper readership;
  • readership data on individual branded sections of newspapers;
  • the inclusion of geodemographic customer segmentation tools;
  • new contemporary segmentation of the Australian population with 10 new consumer segments identified;
  • monthly release of a rolling 12 month database;
  • Independently audited and
  • built in collaboration with the Media Federation of Australia and Magazine Publishers Australia

emma has been developed by independent research company Ipsos MediaCT, the global leaders in local audience measurement. Ipsos conducts national audience surveys and is the official measurement system in over 40 countries including the UK, Italy and France.

* The five axes of engagement:

1. Source
How did you obtain the last copy read?

2. Loyalty
How often is the title read?

3. Motivation
Why do you read the title?

4. Connection
What is it about the title that you find relevant to you?

5. Action
What actions were taken as a result of reading the title?