7 Rules for Creating Effective Slides

As an introduction to slide design this is comprehensive and easy to follow.

I learned some things here.

Here are the 7 rules but please do flick through the slides if you have time – the points here don’t teach half as much as the slides. For example, Alex mentions if your slide only has words, three days later people will remember 10%, if it has words and pictures, people will remember 65%.  It’s worth learning how to design.

OK, here are Alex Rister’s rules

  1. slides are not documents;
  2. picture superiority effect;
  3. slides should be simple;
  4. slides must have unity;
  5. display data clearly;
  6. use multimedia wisely;
  7. don’t forget your audience.

As I mentioned the slides here say far more than the rules. More here at Alex’s site Creating Communication