Top 100 tools for learning

A very useful update from on the top tools for learning compiled from the votes of 500+ learning professionals world wide, many of them free to use.  There are some that you would expect, like Google docs, but some surprises:  Wikipedia (yes, I know some educationalists bug bear) is in the top 10 for the first time in 6 years and appears above moodle (really!?). WordPress appears before Google’s blogger, prezi has definitely gained momentum. I’m surprised to see Diigo and Delicious on there now. Adobe has a couple of offerings too.

New ones for me, some of which show a new direction in teaching and learning: Jing, Audacity, Voice thread, Live binders, Khan Academy, Zite…. if you are part of online learning, sharing information, this presentation is worth a look.  There are short descriptions on what each site does – very useful indeed. Thanks for making this available Jane.