Guarding the gates. Risk management in social media

Some time ago, the altimeter group developed the Processes Brand Triage.  A decision making framework if you are starting out and developing a digital strategy that looked like this: [table id=3 /]

Now they have taken it a stage further with this report: Guarding The Social Gates: The Imperative For Social Media Risk Management which looks at the newly emerging field of social media risk management. Social media risk is defined as:

“The likelihood that a negative social media event will happen
(multiplied by)
The impact that negative event will have if it does happen”

They found that the four largest risks perpetuated by social media are:

  1. Damage to brand reputation
  2. Releasing confidential information
  3. Legal, regulatory, and compliance violations
  4. Identity theft or hijacking

with the most popular platforms (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube)  being the most risky.

Along with interviews and tips, this report includes nearly a dozen frameworks, graphics, charts, and flow diagrams. If you would like the PDF version download it here Guarding the Social Gates. It’s very good.