The stunning healthcare hashtag project for disease

The guys at symplur have done some amazing stuff.  The Healthcare Hashtag Project collects tweets (so far 80 million of them!) concerning healthcare and disease, categorized, logged and available for use. Initially, the idea was to manage this list of health related hashtags with a focus on the “business of healthcare”. Now, they have a new section dedicated to Twitter hashtags related to diseases, conditions, and other personal health related topics.

For example if I click on Bulemia this is what I get (and I can specify the time period I want to look at):

Symplur Disease Hashtag project

This is a curated list of twitter hashtags for diseases, conditions and related discussions.  It enables you to discover where the healthcare conversations are taking place, and who to follow within your specialty.

As Symplur explain

Well, we’re finally catching up with a progressive community of patients who are remarkably active in healthcare social media….  Once again, our goal is to lower the barrier to entry for physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals who are interested in integrating healthcare social media into their respective businesses.  And what better way to do that than to invite the patient, caregiver, and healthcare provider communities to collectively join one another in these active discussions where each has an interest, concern, and a contribution to make.

If ever there was a vast database of information that can mined, here it is. Check it out