LinkedIn state of play

Stats, stats, it’s all about stats at the moment.  This one is on the current state of play on LinkedIn for those who are needing B2B info.

LinkedIn is definitely a B2B platform – at its most basic used by professionals as an online CV.  There are still more males than females who are members, but now younger people seem to be joining (25 to 34 year olds being as big a proportion as the 35 to 55 year olds who have joined LinkedIn)

Unsurprisingly America has the largest chunk of the pie chart as far as membership but Australia has 2.3 million members (over double what it was a year ago) and is in the top 10 countries on LinkedIn.  Not bad considering the relatively small population in Australia – and not to be underestimated as to what LinkedIn can do for a business.

From a health perspective, 8.6% of industries on LinkedIn are medical – although what ‘medical’ encompasses is another matter (only 3.5% of jobs on Linkedin are medical)

Thanks to @RazChorev to alerting me to this on twitter