Dont go!

A yen for a rummage in a bookstore and I stumbled upon a sorry tale. Borders bookshop nearly stripped bare, even the fixtures are for sale.

Border bookshop closing

Overheard was a couple walking down the empty aisles ‘It’s SO SAD’.

cheap booksThe days of rummaging through bookshelves and sitting in a coffee house with your new purchase flicking through the pages with a sense of anticipation are numbered.

I read most of my books on kindle – but the nostalgic part of me says ‘it’s just not the same’.

The shelves were all but empty, people with bucket loads of nearly free books in their arms – although it’s good to see that some taste still prevailed – the romance shelves were still fully stocked with books unbought.

book shelf

and it seemed one other is destined to remain unread and unloved.

book eat pray love