How do I become a Social Media Strategist

For Employers and potential Social Strategists these latest posts from Jeremiah Owyang are very important. Having been asked many times recently whether I know anyone who would be good for a role as a digital strategist, how to interview, what to look for, and also vice versa – who to work for, what to expect – what does the role even look like – it’s worth taking a look at the Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist below and what questions to ask a potential future employer:

Questions to ask a potential employer for a digital strategy position:

1) What level of executive support do we have?
2) Is the company ready to span social beyond one department?
3) Is the company ready to engage in negative conversations in public?
4) What is your future vision of success look like?
5) What resources will I be provided?

Jeremiah expands these points really well and develops them into a scorecard – the score giving an indication as to whether to walk away or what working for the company may feel like