On Twitter, Google and Being Found

Twitter bird with pencilGoogle does take into account your twitter profile and impact. Once again Hubspot have come up trumps with their article on the affect twitter has on search rankings.

Here is their summary of the article in Search Engine Land on whether using ‘social signals’ help rank search results, which it seems it does, in particular your twitter ranking could help influence how a page ranks in web search.

How Twitter Influences Search Engine Rankings

  • Twitter profiles carry a “score” with Google.
  • It’s likely the age of your twitter profile and how many followers you have affect how search engines will calculate your profile’s “authority”.
  • Just like inbound links give a website “credit”, so does social media sharing. A lot of retweets can tell the search engine that this is a good, trusted blog article.
  • When an influential person (including you) tweets your link, it is a sign to the search engines that it’s good, trusted content.

To find out your twitter grade Hubspot have developed Twitter grader -free to use, which also gives pointers on what you can do to improve it.  Their website grader is also very good.