The Science of Social Media and Blogging

The Science of Blogging

Dan  Zarrella from HubSpot has put together a stonking presentation on the Science of Blogging. Some of the nuggets

  • People want to read your unique point of view
  • Talk as yourself not about yourself
  • Stay away from overly technical jargon
  • Users comment when there is something in it for them
  • Write simply, and plainly
  • Don’t say the same thing everyone else is saying

Lots of stats

  • Most / least shared or retweetable words (‘bored’ doesn’t do very well, but then neither does ‘iphone’)
  • Grammar matters
  • Videos get links, photos get comments
  • Keep the reading grade level lower, and you’ll get shared more – I guess that fits with ‘stay away from overly technical jargon’
  • Blogs are read and commented on more in the morning (between 9 and 10) and also read late at night (after 10pm)
  • Publish your blog posts early in the day
  • Share your posts on social media later in the day
  • Post early in the week for views and links  and weekends for comments
  • Share your posts in social media later in the week and on weekends

Link to audio voiceover of presentation here (you may need to register)