Lanyrd The Conference Directory

Too Many Events Going On.  And if you’re not online at the right time you miss the mention of them on twitter. Fantastic Solution is Lanyrd. It looks at your friends, which events they are going to, and let’s you know.

Lanyrd, The Social Conference Directory

Lanyrd social conference tracker

It tracks all conferences, including health. Once you link your twitter account, it gets very clever and not only gives you a calender of events, it tells you who is speaking (with a link to each of their profiles).  Usefully I can register to track events in advance.  So now I don’t need to worry I’ll miss it.  I’m already looking to track BarCamp Sydney and SXSW, and it’s told me that a friend is speaking at an upcoming conference I didn’t even know about.  Blimey.

Lanyrd Conference Tracker

Here is a list of speakers for SXSW:

Lanyrd Conference tracker for SXSW

Awesome.  Simple. Highly recommended.  To link up go here:

Thanks @amcunningham for the heads up on this one. Check out Anne Marie’s blog to see how to include new health and medical conferences


@laikas has also blogged about Lanyrd in a simple step by step how to way.

Worth checking out both of these posts – especially if your focus is health.