Searching Social Questions Asked by Business

We have been collecting some data on what questions businesses in Sydney are asking about social media. Some are too good (and revealing) not to share. Here is a selection :

Internal Issues using Social Media

  • How do I obtain meetings with senior managers & HR managers via Social Networking?
  • How can you encourage internal staff to promote, follow and engage in the social media accounts your business is using
  • How are large organisations using social media to interact with staff and/or clients
  • How can social media be successfully integrated within a company’s website
  • What type of training is needed for those involved in ongoing management, namely Marketing and HR
  • How to integrate social media into existing/traditional channels i.e. trade press, advertising, events.

Top 5 things NOT to do with social media

  • What are the risks and pitfalls?
  • What are the costs?
  • What tools are needed?
  • What about privacy issues?

Requests for Detailed case studies

  • How are other people using social media as part of their business strategies
  • Specifically what plans were devised, how were they applied, managed and reviewed.
  • Successes and Failures
  • Examples of where businesses had a clear objective and were able to measure a result


  • Which are the important social media platforms in Australia?
  • How do you determine good communication via social media platforms? Is it quantity or quality of followers?
  • How do you get your target group to follow your social media activities?

Business Use of Social Media

  • How do you grow your network / business awareness online whilst protecting your valuable relationships from competitors?
  • Which is the best platform, what is the best communication strategy and how to boost the number of fans/followers.
  • How do I generate leads via Social Networking?
  • How can I promote our services without looking like I’m flogging them?
  • Is there a general ‘social media” framework that I can preview before deciding to go down that path (and spending the $ necessary to implement).
  • How often and what type of information should I be communicating with my network
  • Where is the Social Networking phenomenon going next?

Some of these are sterling questions.  To answer these Beyond Digital Media and Taurus Marketing are teaming up and holding ‘Not Just Another Social Media Seminar’ breakfast. Whether you can or can’t attend, the questions themselves show the how difficult some of this is for people in business.

The seminar itself is business oriented, no fluffy stuff, and the speakers both use social media professionally: Tim Molloy (General Manager Online for MYOB – business and accounting software) and Iggy Pintado (Author, Director of Marketing).


When: Friday 12 November 7.30 -9.30am at the Observatory Hotel. More info and to book here.