State of play – social media and hospitals in Australia

Due to some sterling work by Ed Bennett and Mike Cadogan we have a gauge on the state of play of how hospitals are using social media here in Australia and can also do a comparison with hospitals in the US.  The graph makes for grim reading.

Overall, 935 Australian Hospitals were surveyed compared with 871 US hospitals.  The main use of social media by hospitals here in Australia is facebook but this is still only 9% versus 78% in the US. Many of the facebook pages here are also private and not open to the public.

Australian hospitals and social media

There is a glimmer of hope, judging by the increased requests for presentations I have had, that health care organisations do want to know how to implement social media strategically.  Listening to the conversations at board level I would say there has been a significant difference in approach to the business of healthcare and 2011 will see a change in not just how hospitals but also health organisations use social media.


Update: for a great write up on Ed Bennett and his work see a post on KevinMD’s web page.