The Evolution of a Clinical Laboratory Blog

August 2009

A conversation with a friend, casually pondering the benefits of an outlet for some of his clinical research.  ‘You’re a good communicator, you could do a blog’ says I. ‘OK’ was the response (clinical scientists being people of few words).

That afternoon I got home, tinkered around, and set up said blog.  ‘Voila’ says I. ‘Nice’ came the response. Articles were emailed, I put them on the blog, set up some social media accounts. Life continued.

January 2010

The research team grew, articles were found that were interesting and lead authors invited to write about what they were doing in every day language, a personal blog is now a ‘clinical research blog’. I started to come into the office to run the blog, the Institute became aware of what was happening, and the posts and networks trundled along.

April 2010

Undergrad students joined the team and as part of their research were invited to write about what they were doing. A ‘clinical research blog’ is now a ‘laboratory blog’.

August 2010

Starting a clinical laboratory blogOne year anniversary celebrated with cake at the lab team meeting. Blog, facebook, twitter… a veritable feast of interconnectivity and networks. We defined more clearly what we were doing and why. ‘I’ is now most definitely ‘we’.

September 2010

The research institute team page needs updating. What do I call myself? The team consists of a Senior Research Fellow to undergraduate students. ‘Digital strategist’ just doesn’t seem to fit.

I ruminate on a journey that all started from a casual conversation one year ago. Whose blog is it now?