A new comparative search engine for health

What is FindTheBest?

FindTheBest is an objective comparison search engine that allows people to choose a topic, compare options and decide what’s best for them. FindTheBest is organized into nine broad categories including Health and each listing can be sorted by numerous key filters (have a look at the left hand side of the image below). It’s not bad!

So what does that mean in practice? I had a look at health, specifically Life Span Expectancy and Mortality rates and it gave me the results for each and every age so I could compare. So, hypothetically speaking, looking at the category of: female, age: 42.  It told me that statistically speaking a woman aged 42 has a 0.17% chance of dying and 39.57 more years to live. I compared this with stats for 20 years further on when, at age 62, she has a 0.89% chance of dying and 22 more years to live:

The take home message? This hypothetical female has passed the half way mark and has decided to eat more bananas and exercise a great deal.

Thanks to @DrVes for the spot and for the blogging tip!