Working in the Cloud, by Google

Simon Capel is Google’s Enterprise Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand and is a man with a vision – for people to work in the cloud. What does that mean? Work anywhere, using any computer, securely access what you need and collaborate in real time. Why is this important? It changes the way we do business and, importantly, changes our expectations.

Simon Capel Presentation on Leveraging the Google Cloud

Working in the cloud for business uses Google Aps which delivers tools (like word processing, spreadsheets) through a web browser (think Internet Explorer, Firefox, and the new player, Google Chrome), tailored specifically to the user, and Google want companies to ‘get it’.  The business version is backed up with a service level agreement and support – Google are doing business.

Why is this different from what we have already?  It allows secure, easy collaboration and information sharing.  It’s not tied to fiddly accessing data through an intranet.  Data is stored on their servers – pointing to lower IT costs and lots of space (no more having to empty your inbox before another message can come in). Large government organisations (think city of Los Angeles), companies, as well as Universities have started using the cloud – my guess is they chose to do so because of ease of use, the collaborative tools offered and that it has the potential to save money.

Simon’s presentation is Google’s vision of the cloud changing the way we do business, and play.