Defining Web Metrics in Australia

Specific social media statistics for different networks are difficult to find.  Gathering Web 2.0 metrics into one place for reference, to be updated as new statistics are published is the next task in hand. Here is an overview of where Australia is in terms of social media based on information gathered and analysed at the end of 2009.

Nielsen[1] reported that social networking on sites such as Facebook was a key driver in Australians uptake of social media and that close to three quarters of online Australians (73%) have looked at others’ profiles on social networks.  That’s three quarters of Australians online using social media!

With well over one third (37%) of these reporting to be interacting with others via social networking sites on a daily basis it changes the way we are communicating and getting information – it changes a whole heap of things in a fundamental way. Australia topped even the U.S. when it came to time spent per person on social networks – but the country that spends the most time on social networks… Italy! [2]

The biggest increases in social media usage in Australia were reading and posting on Twitter, reading wikis and engaging with brands and organizations via social media.