MyCybertwin Avatar Gives Great Advice

Meet Sarah, an avatar that learns from you, a virtual assistant using artificial intelligence, or as she says:

“I’ve a human personality, trained to think through complex tasks and my advanced brain learns and adapts from experience, as I chat to a person I build their profile, answering questions while responding to each person individually.

This is a revolution in how people interact with technology and business interacts with customers”

MyCybertwin was founded by John Zakos and Liesl Capper in 2005.  Their mission:

to give every person and every company the ability to easily create an advanced artificial intelligence, which knows what they know, and functions on their behalf.

We want CyberTwin AI’s to live all over the web, making things easier for people, by talking to others and doing things for their owners. We want CyberTwins to breathe life into the relationship humans have with machines, and inside technology-mediated virtual worlds and mirror worlds.

Applications of Cybertwin in health?

Liesl will also be talking about cybertwin and applications in aged care at the Information Technology in Aged Care ITAC conference in Melbourne in July. An avatar could be put to use answering questions that carers have about putting someone into an aged care facility.

The potential is enormous and if you’ve got any questions, just ask Sarah CyberTwin.  It’s a whole new world …..

Sarah Cybertwin