Google on search, page rank and long-tails

What’s page ranking?  It’s one of a number of measures on how easily you can be found on the web, to be taken with a pinch of salt because it depends on what the measurement criteria are (a closely guarded Google secret). But, if you do have a site, a blog, a something on the web, it is nice to know how you’re doing.  Here is one of the Google team, Matt Cutts, on what form part of the 200 signals of measurement.

Google will change their algorithms in order to improve the quality of search we as users experience and to prevent spammers ranking high in search results. This can, however, have an impact on your site because all of a sudden the algorithm changes and your site or post is no longer found so easily.  Again, here is Google’s Matt Cutts on a change in their algorithm in May that resulted in a change to long-tailed searches for sites.

(a long tailed search being a search with a lot of words eg ‘Exceptionally good coffee in Sydney’ versus a short tail: ‘Sydney coffee’)

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