Tips on How to Use Feedly

Feedly have made some changes to their interface and having been asked about how to use it recently here are some of the things I do. It is one of the most useful tools on the web as far as I’m concerned.

Tips on how to use feedly

I divide my RSS feeds into categories, and either read the digest or by category and if it’s good tweet direct from feedly.  I’ll also post occasionally to google buzz from there.

Changing feedly preferences

To change your preferences on sharing options go to the preferences page (the preferences link can be in different places depending on which browser you are using) here’s the direct link

Under tools you can choose which of the sharing options you would like to be visible on the sharing bar. The choice is between: twitter, buzz, gmail, delicious, facebook, tumblr, posterous, evernote, diigo, instapaper, The default value is: twitter, buzz, gmail, facebook, tumblr. I added diigo to my sharing options for bookmarking.
Feedly preferences

If you tweet using feedly and don’t want the automatically added /cc @feedly to be included, you can get rid of it in the Feedly postfix box which is also in the screen shot above.

Now my feedly options look like this when I click the grey round button on the right, the blue diigo bookmarking tool has been added, and when I press the twitter icon, the title and url of the post I want to share are automatically added (and the cc/ @feedly is not included)

Feedly set up

If you’ve got a question you can also ask @feedly on twitter – and to see feedly in action, this is a post done a while ago on how I use feedly using the older interface