How To Add Your Blog to Facebook

Here’s the question:

How do you add tabs from posterous and blog in Facebook. Cannot figure it out even after googling it…

Heidi Allens blogs on facebook

Prof Google didn’t come up with an answer, so here’s mine.

First off Facebook is a tricky beast and I’m still at facebook 101 (that’s for encouragement in case you feel like you’re the only one in the world who doesn’t know how to work it)

It’s all about facebook applications

Posterous facebook application

If you’ve got a posterous blog go to the posterous facebook application:

Posterous application on facebookand add it to your page (if you want a posterous blog here’s a post on what posterous is and how to set one up)

Network blogs facebook application

for other blogs (like this one) I use the network blog application:

network blogs facebook applicationand add a blog. I like this application, and you can follow other blogs there as well.

When you’ve added whatever you want to go to your application settings and see if they offer you to add a tab (application settings are top right, under account) – each application has different settings you can change.

Facebook application settings

Try that and see what happens, and any other tips gratefully received