10 Myths about blogs – by Scott Rosenberg

Scott Rosenberg talks about the 10 myths of blogging in a lively way that caught my attention:

Myth #4 ‘There are too many blogs” (who says you have to keep up); closely followed by Myth #3 ‘Blogging is Dead’ (don’t project your own burnout onto the rest of the world)

Myth #2 ‘Blogs are trivial’ (blogs are where we turn when we want to go deep on a subject)

From Fora Tv

You’ve heard all the arguments about blogging, pro and con. Blogs are a wondrous innovation, keys that have unlocked a vast treasury of self-expression and allowed underdogs everywhere to challenge giants. No, wait! Blogs are a scourge that is debasing journalism, undermining traditional authority, drowning us all in meaningless chatter, and destroying civilization as we know it.

Thanks to Bora at ScienceBlogs for alerting us to this one.