Developing a Digital Strategy 016 – Basic Social Media SEO

To be found online, search engines like Google need to be able to find you, look at your content and make you visible.  The more visible your content to search engines, the easier you will be found – this is called search engine optimisation, or SEO.  To be most efficient in the social marketing frame there are some basic things to do when you are starting out.

  • Standard naming convention (for sites, products, location etc)
  • Standardardised names for all social media accounts (try to avoid spaces in names and terms and phrases)
  • Define your keywords – these are your meta tags
  • Have a tag line
  • Be able to describe your service or business in a single line, single paragraph and in 400 words
  • Set up relevant social media accounts such as facebook and twitter to get your message out quickly
  • Use different media such as videos, slideshare as well as blogging
  • Have a blog for rapid news dissemination
  • Connect into a blogging network (such as a medical network) who will be ready to take up your links and disseminate your work

A word about Link popularity

Link popularity is essential for your site to increase your online presence and establish your lead in whatever topic your site addresses. It is determined by both the quality of links (links from high ranking trustworthy sites in your subject area) and quantity of sites that link to you to increase your exposure to search engines.
If your information is behind a login wall (eg a subscription site) this can make it more difficult for search engines to assess the value of the site linking to you and this is something that needs to be thought about when considering your online strategy.


Paying attention to adding relevant keywords to your description could ultimately lead to more traffic being generated to your site.

Google Webmaster Central

google webmasterAnd while you are getting to grips with being found online don’t forget Google’s tools – webmaster central is for ‘webmasters’ which is anyone with a website/blog. You log into it with your Gmail account and start learning.  There are a lot of tools there including diagnostics for your site.

webmaster tools

A word of encouragement

SEO, rankings, digital strategy goes up and down.  There is always something to learn and it can feel like a mountain to climb. Start slow and go step by step.  And ask questions.

If you are feeling very keen here is a wealth of information in this video. It’s focused on domain names, but good for how to check out a site with some useful tools

  • keywords
  • google page rank and how to check for fakes
  • backlinks and link juice in google and yahoo for a site
  • indexed pages
  • DMOZ/Yahoo listings

For more info like this check out Noble Samurai.

Thanks also to Mike Cadogan, of whom I have asked a lot of questions in this area.