A review of some of the SXSW2010 presentations

The Music and Media Conference held in Austin Texas every year, usually sparks debate. So far there are 75 presentations uploaded to the unofficial channel for the SXSW2010 conference.  Some highlights:

Can You Copyright A Tweet?

For Publishers – imagine you’ve commissioned a book entitled ‘The world according to twitter’ – copyright issues for each and every tweet included?!

OMG, hardest part was chasing down the 1500 contributors for permissions and free-book shipping addresses

Presentation by Fred Benenson.

Mobile Content Is Social

What is happening to us, on our phones – is it social, and why we do it. For Publishers any content produced needs to take account of these factors.

From Lead Belly to Ludacris

My absolute favourite, nothing to do with social media is on Lead Belly – for the photographs alone

“No Lead Belly – no Beatles” – George Harrison, the Beatles