Simple Wave Cheatsheet from Googles Pamela Fox

Google waveWhile we were at the google wave usergroup Pamela gave us a simple ‘Working with Wave Cheatsheet’. There are other guides out there but they seem a bit complicated for some of the simple things I’m trying out – such as a practical way for co-ordinating documents, recording meetings, adding links for everyone.

Pamela is working for Google as a Wave API Developer Advocate, she has a blog and fun stuff. Here’s the handout:

Working with Wave Cheatsheet

Things to do when you’re editing a blip

  • Cancel a blip you accidentally just made: ESC
  • Add a pic: Drag and drop a photo from your desktop into the blip
  • Add links: use the neato link icon in the formatting bar
  • Formatting: CTRL – 5 for bullets, CTRL – B, CTRL – I, + other normal formatting keys
  • Stop editing: SHIFT-ENTER

Things to do when you are not editing a blip ( you’re in read mode)

  • Go to next unread blip: spacebar
  • Start editing: Hit CTRL-E or double click and select EDIT
  • Add an inline reply: Double click on a world, select REPLY
  • Start a new blip: ENTER or CTRL-R

Other neat stuff to think about

  • Resize / Minimize / Maximize: Get some control over your WAVE workspace
    • This can be useful for small screens or big waves
    • The URL ‘remembers’ state of the widows, which waves’ selected, search panel query and so on!
  • Adding participants
    • You can add someone via the + sign in the wave panel or by drag-and-drop from the Contacts panel
    • You can’t undo (can’t remove participants) for now.
  • Saved searches: great for cleaning up your inbox or giving you alternate views
    • SAVE SEARCH button in the middle-bottom wave (eg for participant:jsmith ‘weekly agenda’)
  • Folders: Put waves somewhere so they don’t get lost. Just drag and drop, or use the MOVE TO menu
  • GAH! GO AWAY! Make use of Archive and Unfollow [mute] – similar to Gmail
    • Archive removes a wave from your inbox until it’s edited or replied to
    • Unfollow removes a wave from your inbox until/unless you re-follow it
  • TRASH: it’s your personal trash can.  Throwing a wave away doesn’t affect others view of the wave
  • Private replies: great for leaving notes for yourself or having ‘side converastions’ with others.
    • By default, you’re the only one who can see a private reply.